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The benefits of Leuveld Boomkwekerijen B.V.
Boomkwekerij Leuveld

You can find our hedging plants all over Europe.

Leuveld is passionate about greenery.


Open field nursery

We grow a range of evergreen hedging plants on 100 hectares of the best loam soil in and around Twente. Robust quality and well-developed root system are our departure point. Our team of skilled employees harvest a wide range of evergreen hedging plants in different sizes every day.

Boomkwekerij Leuveld

Without a doubt, the leading hedging plant grower

in Europe

Spaced growing

The plants in our nursery are grown with sufficient space between them, this extra space results in the robust quality which characterises Leuveld Nurseries plants. Hedging plants which are larger than 140 cm are replanted 3 times, this benefits the plant’s quality and root ball.

Delivery methods

Plants under 120 cm are delivered in machined netting, all plants over 120 cm are delivered in acrylic netting. However, burlap netting, wire root balls or container fitted options are also available. This is all available for a small surcharge.

Boomkwekerij Leuveld

Delivering hedging plants year-round,

that’s our goal.


An impression of our open field nursery

Videos of the open field nursery

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Planting for the coming year
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Drilling holes for the upcoming planting
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Making nice root balls
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Installation of AquaTraXX Drip Tape by KoBo Mechanisatie
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Root balling Prunus plants with slotting machine
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Planting Prunus plants with GPS
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Planting Prunus plants with GPS planter