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Container nursery

Boomkwekerij Leuveld

Water, fertilisers and the right trimming method

facilitate optimal growth.

Container nursery

Our container field provides us with the opportunity to provide our clients with a wide range of hedging plants year-round. Part of our container cultivation consists of the growing of large numbers of pot cultivated, uniform batches of Thuja occ. ‘Smaragd’ and ‘Brabant’ in C2, C3, C5, C10 in sizes up to 140 cm.

Large sizes

The ‘Smaragd’ and ‘Brabant’ range of up to 140 cm is supplemented with a wide range of large sizes: Prunus, Taxus and Thuja in sizes ranging between 140 up to and including 220 cm.

A careful selection process allows us to grow uniform, replanted hedging plants in pots with a well rooted root ball. Supply is no longer seasonal, and clients are able to purchase high-quality hedging plants from Leuveld Nurseries year-round.

Boomkwekerij Leuveld

Delivery is no longer seasonal;

this creates opportunities.


An impression of the container nursery