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Sales Support

Leuveld Nurseries is happy to offer additional support. The experienced buyers and salespeople in our Sales support department can help you complement your orders on the basis of our own wide range of shrubs, conifers and root ball plants, as well as our complete range of perennials, trees, woodland plants, climbing plants, shapes, fruit and more!

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Requests and quotes

We will do everything within our power to serve you competently and fully. Our sales team is ready to advise and assist, so your plant needs are met in full. Our collaboration with a large number of growers throughout the Netherlands and Germany means we can provide a wide range of garden plants.

Requests/quotes can be submitted by email at:

Export documentation

You can collect your plants yourself or have them collected on your behalf. However, Leuveld Nurseries is also able to offer support in this area. We deliver throughout Europe and offer conditioned and unconditioned transportation with or without loading flaps.
We are also able to procure the right export documents for your delivery

This includes:
  • CMR
  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • CoO (Certificate of Origin)
  • Eur 1 document
  • Export declaration

You can contact us for more information about rates and options.

Boomkwekerij Leuveld

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