The history of Leuveld



Founder and owner Harald Leuveld launches Leuveld Nurseries on 1.5 hectares of land on his father’s farm. He starts growing a wide range of hedge plants like Thuja, Taxus and Prunus. These products have formed part of our core business since the very beginning.

Growing with a new location

There is the desire to expand further, following the quick and successful launch of the business. Unfortunately, the location in Borne no longer offers the scope to do so and, as a result, a new location needs to be found. A location is found in Denekamp. The construction of a brand-new nursery is started near the German border and the German A1.


Development of new nursery Denekamp

The development of our new nursery in Denekamp is going extremely well. As of September this year, the nursery spans 100 hectares of open field nursery and the construction of the first 7 hectares of container nursery has been started. Additionally, we have started to make supplemental ranges from established growers in the Netherlands and Germany available. This allows us to offer our clients a wider range of services.

KOBO Mechanisation

Mechanisation is becoming increasingly important in our cultivation process. We started collaborating with KOBO Mechanisatie this year in our bid to achieve optimal cultivation. Together with this specialised company, we are developing innovative solutions based on our day-to-day experiences in our nursery to help make our cultivation process easier and more uniform.


We want to be able to continue to meet the increasing demand for hedge plants and ensure the high quality of our nursery. This year, it was decided to merge the longstanding intensive cooperation at the outdoor nurseries of Baumschule Diepenmaat GbR and Leuveld Nurseries BV into two new companies. For this purpose, DL Perfect Hedge BV and DL Perfect Hedge GmbH were established. From this autumn, Harald Leuveld and Bart and Michel Diepenmaat will manage both companies together. Their knowledge and experience will guarantee reliable quality and will further strengthen our production.

This makes our company one of the leading producers of hedge plants in Europe. We deliver to renowned customers in many European countries and even in countries outside Europe. With our eye for quality and service and our excellent price/quality ratio, we are able to convince more and more customers.