Open nursery day 2022

August 22-26.

Leuveld Nurseries

Open nursery day 2022

August 22 to 26.

Dear Customer,

After two corona years in which traveling and meeting each other was difficult, we think it is a very good time to invite you to visit us. We have been quite active in the last 2 years, so there are plenty of reasons to come by.

In the nursery you will find:

  • The 150 hectare open field nursery is looking really good. We have a very wide range of hedge plants that we can supply almost entirely from our own nursery this year.
  • Our 12 hectare container field has a nice assortment of container hedge plants. From Thujas to Leylandii and from Prunus to Ilex. You will find here a wide choice of sizes and pot sizes.
  • There are also 4 hectares of topiary trees and bonsais that we have grown by ourselves. The perfect moment to pick out the most beautiful ones and reserve them for the coming season.

We are very happy to meet you during these days. The coffee is ready and we have selected some super fair offers for you that you can take advantage of during your visit. A selection of super-priced offers always make your visit more than worthwhile.

Each visitor also receives a nice gift as a thanks for your visit. We haven't seen each other for a long time and we are looking forward to meeting you again.

Kind regards,

The Leuveld team,

Joost, Dinand, Roy en Ronald